[PODCAST] There's data, then there's CLEAN data

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Seth Adler

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Graham Russell, BPO Director at WPP Group, returns to the pod to talk about what's changed over the last 12 months: as more organizations are getting onboard with RPA, machine learning and automation, data becoming more important than ever before. Data cleanliness and integrity - or lack of it - are the first things you notice when you pull data from various sources. How should businesses respond to this ongoing challenge in a transforming world? And what should businesses be paying attention to as they embark on technological changes?

"For those of us who have implemented ERPs for 20 years and more, data was usually the number one issue in doing that because as you move from one system to another, one of the first things you had to do was get the data clean, get the data reconciled, make sure there was integrity and so on. It's not new. I think people that don't anticipate it are perhaps not thinking of other projects."