Overwhelmed by change?

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Ian Hawkins

If change feels like it's getting too much you need to address the problem: change is constant and won't be going away soon. At the extreme end, overwhelming change leads to stress and burnout. But even in small doses, change can provoke resistance to new ideas. Sinead Devine from P&G talks about her approach to constant change - before it becomes insurmountable. 



I think the first part is stepping outside like the individual pieces that run and look at the full big picture.What's the end goal? What do I want people to do with that? What is really going to impact their job? I may have a conversation with all of them, but then I'm going to sit down and go, "Right. Here's what I'm going to deliver. This is the timing and this is what it's going to look like." Then I look at my portfolio and I go, "I really want to tackle the biggest pieces first."