Do businesses still need humans?

With the ground constantly shifting under our feet - macroeconomics, geopolitical upheaval, trade wars - this week's podcast guest says it's easy to lose sight of the aim of any business: to add value. And, he argues, that means not sacrificing your employees for the share price. 

Ravi Rao, author of Emotional Business, joins us and shares why emotional intelligence is a fundamental building block to a heathy business - and why in an age of automation, humans are still indispensible.  

"We're trying to figure out ways that the things that don't really require humans, things that are just repetitive data transfer tasks can be done by machines which are better at doing that, but the creative innovative service, interactive pieces, robots cannot do any of that. That's why humans still have a huge role to play in business and the more that they can recognize how to work with each other in exemplary ways, that's what will eventually lead the business."