It’s time for a new diaper changing process…

Craig Sharp

As you are likely aware, PEX Network Editor, Diana Davis has been on maternity leave since the summer.

For a community as tight knit as ours, we knew that many of you would like to hear how Diana has been getting on, and it’s my pleasure to announce that the newest (and possibly tiniest) process professional entered the world last week!

Baby Owen Davis is doing very well, as is proud new Mum, Diana – no word yet however on whether Owen sleeps through the night but I suspect that there’ll be a midnight baby-feeding process in the Davis household before too long!

I know you’ll all join us in wishing Diana and family the very best, in related news; it seems that PEX Network has also picked up a new regular reader and dedicated fan:

We wish Owen, Mum and Dad the very best, congratulations on your tiny new addition to the family!