10 Business Improvement Experts Give Their Golden Rule For Success

Emma Harris
Posted: 11/17/2017

I am delighted to share with you here the number one golden rule for success, that 10 respected Business Improvement experts gave when asked for their top business improvement insights.

While the answers received varied greatly, a common trend between our experts was the importance of...PEOPLE - from senior management to those responsible for individual processes - getting buy-in from all those involved was stated to be the most important rule by a majority of the Business Improvement experts.

So it’s certainly clear to me that they all know what they are talking about.


 10 Business Improvement Experts Give Their Golden Rule For Success

1. Terry Giles - Expert in Risk Management, Risk Analysis & Process Improvement - TerryAG Consulting

"The focus for a lot of business improvement is on what went wrong; my take is more optimistic and we should also concentrate on what exceeded our expectations and look at why that happened and then learn from that."

2. Tibor Mackor - Business Improvement, Increased Profits, Projects, Leadership Development, Change Management - Better Business Strategies

"One area of improvement that I always work on is the mindset of the business owner. If they are not open to change then very little will be accomplished by actually trying to coach them. I go through a set of clear and concise questions to get them to think of the alternatives if they implemented the changes needed and also what would happen if these changes do not. The end result is usually someone who sees his/her business in a different light ."

3.   Steve Moore - Risk Manager - Microsoft

"You can talk about change and improvement all day long, but until the improvement or change is written down and understood, the improvement or change will happen very slowly if at all. That is why process mapping is so important. Not only does it tell a story, it also shows the story."


4.   Richard Schreiber- Business Process Improvement & RFP Consultant - RAS Consulting Services

"Nothing is off the table; consider everyone a stakeholder and ask as many questions as possible and keep asking more questions. The answers are likely in the responses you will get back--people close to the situation always know the answers. Chances are, they're just not being asked for them. . if the answers are incongruent, then ask the same question a few different ways until you clarify. That's what I abide by (along with, when you're doing your writeup, always attribute who gave you the feedback and suggestions, build up the contributors. it's about them not you.) And write it up so anyone can understand it, even with minimal past knowledge of the subject area or process being reviewed."


5.   Ursula Pretsch - Project & Process Management Professional - UP Business Solutions

"To ask, trust and work with those who do the work on a daily basis; and, to me, the only way to achieve sustainable improvement is by facilitating business improvement from the bottom up; a command and control approach only introduces wasteful bureaucracy."