Best Start Up Business Process Improvement Programme: Care Process Management at The Ottawa Hospital

Canada's Ottawa hospital launched a programme that has all the hallmarks of Business Process Management (BPM) - processes are modelled and improved and then technology is applied to help further improve and automate manual processes. However, you won't find any references to BPM at the hospital, which calls its approach Care Process Management. It's a reminder of the end-goal of BPM at Ottawa Hospital - that it's focused on improving the experience for the patient.

The hospital began their process improvement journey a little under two years ago and has undertaken a number of successful projects that have reduced errors and missing paperwork, improved communication and collaboration across the Care Team and reduced the amount of time spent searching for people and information. Their projects have helped to free up doctors and nurses so they can spend more time focusing on patient care.

For their innovative work and outstanding results, The Ottawa Hospital won PEX Network's Europe Process Excellence Award for Best Start Up Process Improvement Programme 2013, announced in London late last month. This downloadable whitepaper details the hospital's winning entry.

For further information - listen to an interview with Director of CPM, Cameron Keyes - Applying BPM to Improve Patient Care - or to the interview with CIO Dale Potter: Technology & Mobility: iPads at Ottawa Hospital