Introducing Design for Innovation in Manufacturing

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Genna Weiss

For manufacturers, it’s a constant challenge to ensure that their newly released products will have the highest potential for success. In this Profit through Process podcast, Richard Platt and Joe Ficalora discuss how Design for Innovation in Manufacturing (DFIM), their newly developed methodology, will assist manufacturers in gaining a competitive advantage by removing much of the uncertainty and risk that pervades in designing and bringing a product to market.

Platt, Principal for the Strategy + Innovation Group and former Intel Global Program Innovation Program Manager and Senior Instructor for Innovation Methods, and Ficalora, Principal of Joe Ficalora and Associates, both explain how DFIM will get manufacturers to innovate their manufacturing and operations environments to accelerate market penetration, lower costs and increase delivery rates for existing capitalization. They reveal how DFIM improves or builds upon other process improvement methodologies and go over its six simple steps. In addition, Platt and Ficalora discuss some of the tools from the DFIM toolkit that you’ll be able to use straight away within your own manufacturing department.