Top 3 Pillars to Financial Services Operational Excellence

Achieving Operational Excellence is fundamental to financial services firms driving forwards today, but how do these enterprises go about delivering on their promise to customers, shareholders and its staff? We know the answer as financial services firms revealed to us in the PEX Network State of the Industry Survey what their key strategic metrics are when driving successful cultural change and OpEx transformation at their organisations.

In the build up to the Operational Excellence in Financial Services Europe Summit in London, 01 – 03 December, we take a closer look at the financial segment results of the PEX Network State of the Industry Annual Survey and add insight from one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Summit: Sophie Leng-Smith, Vice President at Deutsche Bank, about the Bank’s award-winning techniques to successfully drive transformation.

Top 3 Strategic Pillars for Financial Services:

  1. Leadership
  2. Customer-centricity
  3. Employee engagement