Outside-In: The Secret of the 21st Century Leading Companies (E-Book)

One of the key challenges facing businesses today is how to keep pace with, and preferably anticipate, the needs and expectations of customers. These expectations have changed as we have become better educated and informed about the buying decisions we make. We want the organisations that we do business with to show that they understand what we need and are able to deliver it.

Some companies choose to use names such as customer centricity, advanced BPM, or transformation. However at their core, all of these approaches fit the Outside-In definition.

In this downloadable book, Steve Towers looks at the Outside-In approach to business improvement and examines how today's most successful enterprises make the customer central to everything they do.

Download this book to:

  • Understand the Outside-In approach, what it means and how you can apply it to your business
  • Learning how leading companies are adopting winning approaches to customer-centric process improvement
  • Get practical hands-on advice on how to put these ideas to work for you