Gauging Cloud Potential in an Enterprise Landscape

Cloud computing was once suspiciously viewed as a free-for-all playing ground for rogue or unimportant data and applications.
With already complex environments and new applications entering the landscape on a daily basis, enterprises are facing a lot of uncertainty in making the decisions that will allow them to best benefit from cloud technologies.
Which business capabilities will benefit most from cloud applications or Hybrid Cloud Integration (HCI)? Which applications are the best candidates for cloud deployment?
In the course of this white paper you will learn about:
  • A decision-making framework to identify cloud-compatible business capabilities and cloud-candidate applications.
  • A KPI-based step-by-step approach that considers the different service models (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS).
  • A first assessment pass which identifies the business capabilities that would best benefit from cloud-based IT support.
  • A second pass that examines and evaluates the currently existing or planned applications delivering functionality for these business capabilities to find cloud deployment candidates.
  • Considerations of several dimensions, such as business acceptance, compliance requirements and data security aspects to assess if an application is a "good" cloud candidate or not.