Empowering Front-Line Managers by Professionalizing Operations Management

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Too Busy Being Busy—Operations Leaders and Skeptics Take Note!

Front-line managers are the critical link in organizational performance. However, they are often extremely busy dealing with a range of changing, complex, interrelated demands and challenges. Attempts to ease their workload by mandating their actions or by centralizing control can lead to managers who are less engaged and who have a diminished sense of involvement.

So how can you empower your front-line managers' while at the same time freeing up their time and those of their people?

This paper discusses the challenges faced by front-line managers and explores the breakthrough thinking and methods currently being used to address them and to improve organizational performance. It looks at how a common, professional operations management approach can enable them to have more responsibility and control over planning and decision-making, while at the same time reducing their workload.

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