Embedding Program Management into Product Lifecycle Management – Assessing Added Value

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Program Management and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are each highly effective tools to achieving cost controls, speed to market, R&D efficiencies, and enhanced competitive positioning. Many organizations have implemented technology solutions for Program Management, project management, and PLM to define and enforce decision criteria, processes and procedures.

However these tools, processes, procedures and the information within them often exist in isolation of each other, particularly if each is deployed as a point solution. This state of affairs creates delays, re-work, poor collaboration and confusion, while rendering knowledge re-use and leverage across the product lifecycle an impossibility.

To truly leverage deployment of Program Management for product development - to extract the greatest business value – Program Management technology must be seamlessly embedded within the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform.

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  • Understand the benefits of embedding Program Management within the Product Lifecycle Management environment to overcome the primary challenges to product development
  • Look at 3 real-world case studies on how the approach is being used for global manufacturing of products (TE Connectivity), project development & construction (Skanska Finland), and aerospace & defense contractors (large U.S. based enterprise)

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