Sustainable Energy at JEA: Winner of PEX Award Honorary Mention

JEA, the eighth largest community-owned electric utility in America, serves more than 417,000 electric customers in Jacksonville and parts of three adjacent counties. Keeping the lights on for all those people is clearly an essential part of the business.

But the company found that they had a boiler unit that wasn't performing as well as it needed to be to ensure reliability of service. To address the problem the company formed a cross functional team to look at the root causes and come up with an innovative solution.
For their efforts JEA received an honorary mention in the category Best Project Contributing to Organizational Value, Sustainability & Innovation. The award recognizes important projects that are not primarily aligned to or selected for their direct financial impact and were evaluated on business impact and innovation, with a specific focus on value created outside of pure financial results.
In this PEX Network video interview, Jason Lankford, Six Sigma Master Black Belt at JEA describes what they did, the methodologies they employed and the importance of having a cross functional team.
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