Innovation in a multi-channel world: Interview with Kodak's Chief Growth Officer, Personalised Imaging

It's clear that the rise of social media and mobile technologies have lead to wide spread changes in social behaviour. But what about the impact on businesses and processes?

We've entered an age of radical transparency, says Darren Johnson, Chief Growth Officer at Kodak's Personalised Imaging Buiness, and that's leading to important shifts in the ways that companies interact with their customers. It's much more than simply how you process customers and more about how you interact with them. That means a complete culture shift is required for most organizations.

In this video interview, recorded during PEX Week Europe, editor Diana Davis talks to Darren Johnson about the implications of rapid technology change and the rise of what he calls omni-channel retailing.


Questions addressed in this video:

  • You’ve got a very interesting job title at Kodak – Chief Growth Officer. What does your role entail?
  • One of the things that you’re discussing here at PEX Week Europe is the move to omni-channel shopping and its process implications. First, what do we mean when we talk about omni-channel retailing?
  • Clearly this is a shift that has been going on for some time now - is there any sort of growing consensus out there on what it means for businesses?
  • I also gather from your answer that this will have an impact on the processes and culture of companies. What do you see as the main impacts?
  • What sort of impact has this new omni-channel world had on you at Kodak?
  • What do you think will be critical to getting things right in this era of omni-channel retail?