Fresh Eyes for 2012: Trends and Success Factors in Business Process Excellence

Quality and process professionals should take a good hard look at themselves and start asking questions about how we're doing what we're doing, says Brent Harder, Managing Director of Operational Excellence at banking giant Credit Suisse. In this PEX Network video session, recorded LIVE at PEX Week - the network's largest global gathering of process professionals which takes place every January in Orlando, Florida - Harder discusses the findings of PEX Network's recent global benchmarking study Trends and Success Factors in Business Process Excellence 2012. He uses the report data as a base but adds his own spin, incorporating anecdotes and information from other industry reports. He also asks some tough questions about the role of process excellence and whether current approaches can hinder rather than help. A "must watch" if you've read the original PEX Network report!


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