Customers and the trouble with business in a multi-platform world

IT is so much more than "geeks in a backroom"

The ways in which customer interact with companies has moved on significantly in the last ten years. Little more than a decade ago, an organization was on the cutting edge if it had a website through which it sold a few products. Fast forward a few years and now an organization would be seen as technologically backward if it didn’t have some form of web presence and ecommerce facility.

And now, as more consumers move onto social media and mobile platforms, the challenges for businesses are slowly multiplying posing challenges to the IT infrastructure, organizational set up, and processes of our organizations. Effectively, it boils down to this: How do you respond effectively to customers across all the possible touch-points that are now possible?

In this PEX Network video, Ian Worley, Executive Director ISGT at Morgan Stanley, discusses the challenges of effective customer experience in the new world of digital and social media, comments on the trouble with organizational silos, and offers insight into how he believes the role of IT needs to change to better support the customer needs.


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