PEX Week Europe 2015 Report

Posted: 08/12/2015
This report by PA Consulting aims to delve into the messages from the PEX Week Europe conference, elaborate further and summarize the key learnings from the various presenters.
Today, there is a need to focus on flexibility rather than standardization. Customers rather than cost. People rather than process. This report focuses on these new issues and goes into more detail on each topic and offers a summary of the strategies discussed at conference but also some additional insight from PA. In this report you will find articles dealing with:
  1. The age of disruption, an age of VUCA – as described memorably by Dirk Stoltenberg this year.
  2. The focus on customers. In every speech this year, the customer was certainly king.
  3. From Airbus to Oxford Instruments – the engagement of senior leaders is vital to embedding change
  4. Continuous improvement as a culture, not a project
  5. The approach to our people – the thorny change management issue

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Posted: 08/12/2015