Going Beyond Process Modeling - Why Do We Manage Processes?

Posted: 04/15/2015
Business process modeling - creating a graphical description of a business process - is a recognized practice in describing, analyzing and improving business operations. In many organizations, the model itself is the end product that communicates the business process amongst stakeholders; however, significant benefits can be realized by moving beyond process modeling to process automation.
This paper, the first in a series of two, provides an overview of the current state of process modeling and automation practices and technologies, and outlines the drivers and
benefits of moving beyond simple process modeling to more comprehensive automation and management.
This white paper will address:
- Why We Model Process
- BPM: The World Beyond Modeling
- What benefits can we expect from moving beyond process modeling?
- BPM Benefits: Use Cases in Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Consumer Lending.
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Posted: 04/15/2015