How to empower business users with RPA, AI, and BPA tools [Podcast]

In this podcast, Fernando Nunes, senior process automation architect at Man Energy solutions, discusses his unique approach to IT and business

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Seth Adler

By leveraging RPA, AI, and BPA tools, Nunes works to empower the business line and decrease IT bottlenecks through process automation. He further explains the Center of Excellence concept using an apt airport metaphor.

“Our philosophy is about enabling our line of business to do large things themselves, and we would have to provide an architecture, a governance, an infrastructure. We  provide the airport. Then the line of business will make the planes fly.”

What will you learn from this podcast?

  • Unique software engineering solutions for process excellence 
  • Removing obstacles and bottlenecks to empower the business line
  • How to organise your automation architecture 
  • Why RPA champions are vital in your ability to continuously improve
  • How to blend business into the centre of excellence 

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