8 key takeaways on implementing a successful Process Excellence Program

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Posted: 10/26/2017

Over 300 delegates from around the world gathered in Amsterdam, Holland, between October 23-25 to attend the Process Excellence Europe conference to gain a better understanding of how to implement the best Process Excellence tools for their organisation. 

Delegates gained an immense amount of value from networking with a variety of software vendors and end users, sharing experiences of their journey and listening to the expertise from thought leaders who have implemented successful process excellence programs.

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Our 8 key takeaways…

Take Away

1.   People

The most important process tool is training, coaching and developing the people within your organization. No process tool can replace investing in human capital. The value of human capital is greater than you think!!

2. Culture 

The biggest obstacle is people’s resistance to change. In order to implement a change in culture it’s important to make the purpose for change clear and the reasons behind it in order for it to be understood and result in a change of mindset.  People need to understand why they need to change and, more importantly, how they can change.

3. Simplicity

It doesn’t matter what process tool or methodology is chosen. The organization needs to make sure that it is simplified as much as possible and ultimately easy to understand for the least experienced.

4. Leadership 

There needs to be strong leadership that has a clear message to drive change in the organization. Leaders need to know what they want and have a clear path of how to implement effective process. 

5. Consistency  

There needs to be consistency in the message. Organizations need to have a common language and a consistent methodology or process excellence solution.

6. Voice of the customer 

Have a clear understanding of what the customer wants and needs. You will know what the customer wants by talking to them directly. This may require you to literally ask the question: What does the customer need? Organizations should implement a customer-centric process management program, designing a vision and a strategy around the customer. 

7. Pick wisely

Choose a process excellence tool that is suitable for your organization.  Just because everyone is using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) it doesn’t mean that it is suitable for your organization. Not every methodology or solution will work on every platform. Find a way to test it to see if it works for your platform to avoid wasting critical time and expense. 

8. Metrics and results 

Once you have chosen a suitable process excellence tool find a way to quantify the success of the methodology that is being used. It can sometimes take several years to see results, so stick with it and remain consistent!!!

This is a summary of the main themes discussed at the Process Excellence Europe conference. For more in-depth information see the State of Process Excellence Annual Report.

Posted: 10/26/2017


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