Your first BPM process - quick, measurable and...contagious

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Selecting the right first process for fast returns

BPM programs live or die on the success of the pilot project. Since BPM initiatives involve deep cultural changes, the pilot project has to deliver results that are quick, measurable, contagious and extensible. That means that selecting the right process to tackle first will be critical to your success. So how do you know you’re selecting the right one?

This whitepaper explores a business transformation methodology that will help you identify the optimal first business process so you can generate the momentum you need to kick off a successful company-wide BPM program.

Download this whitepaper to find out, in simple step by step terms, how you can adopt a low risk strategy to start your BPM initiative off right by starting small but thinking big and scaling fast. You’ll also find out why BPM isn’t fundamentally about technology and how to avoid getting "seduced" by the wrong processes.