PEX Network’s Guide to Effective B2B Online Marketing

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Business-to-Business marketing requires a special approach. It’s about building relationships with your prospects. It’s about engaging them in a conversation. It’s not about attempting to steamroll your prospects with a "look at me, look at me" approach.

We’ve seen plenty of examples where vendors do this really well in our neck of the woods, which is the decidedly niche world of process professionals (Lean, Six Sigma and BPM). These are the types of vendors who run sophisticated multimedia marketing campaigns, engage their prospects through a wide range of vehicles - social media, face to face events, industry publications, etc. – and when they do get in front of an audience they give them the information in which they are interested.

Want to make your company stand out?

This guide focuses on how you can use content marketing to convey your message more effectively to professionals who work in Lean, BPM and Six Sigma. It covers what makes a good piece of content, a case study of engaging your audience across multiple platforms.

If you offer services, consultancy or solutions for this market, you might be interested in discussing how we can help you create a tailored marketing package to promote your business. Please contact the PEX Network team

Natalie Evans heads up Marketing at PEX Network. Contact her at Twitter or Google Plus.