Goodbye Enterprise Software – Hello Business Apps

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Set your business processes free...

Enterprise software such as ERP or SAP has played an important role in digitizing business processes. It helped ring-fence important data that needed to be captured and mobilized to underpin efficient process and make better decision-making possible.

But packaged enterprise applications are inherently inflexible. They place a stranglehold on important data and have left business processes in a state of constriction. In the meantime, custom application development and middleware, while bridging process gaps within organizations, is expensive, inefficient and often hugely painful to maintain — especially as technology and software environments change.

To unleash process innovation across organizations, power needs to be wrested from a centralized IT function.

Business applications fill the gaps where enterprise software fell short. They enable a new reality where technology solutions are imagined and built by the people who need them, and then reimagined and recreated as business needs change. They are inherently designed for a new world and culture of work — one that is distributed, empowered and collaborative.

Download this whitepaper to:

  • Understand the history of and limitations of Enterprise Software
  • Recognize the impact that existing Enterprise Software solutions has on business processes
  • Look at how an app-driven approach can help businesses automate and quickly adapt business processes without the pain of custom development