The Evolution of IT Architecture: Conversation with Leo Shuster, Nationwide Insurance

"The last twenty years, the evolution of IT has been tremendous," Leo Shuster, Director IT Architecture at Nationwide Insurance. "We’ve gone from running applications that weren’t connected that ran on their own desktops […] to applications that are completely connected to web-based interfaces." The vast leaps forward in computing power, Shuster argues, have driven wide ranging changes in the way that computer and software is built, used, and deployed in enterprises, but many of the new ideas have grown out older ones.

In this video interview, Shuster discusses how the industry has evolved over the course of his career, where Business Process Management fits in, and how the convergence of technologies like mobile, big data and social are driving unprecedented innovation in the enterprise.

Questions discussed within this interview:

  • How have you seen the IT and Enterprise Architecture space evolve over the course of your career?
  • Where does Business Process Management (BPM) fit within IT Architecture?
  • What technologies - BPM or otherwise - are making the biggest impact now?
  • How are they impacting businesses?
  • What do you think will be the biggest challenges that will confront IT architects in the decade ahead?
  • Finally - and this is based on one of your recent blog posts - what are the top attributes an individual needs to be a successful IT architect?