Business Process Management (BPM): Breaking the rules to achieve successful business outcomes

Winner of PEX Network's award for Best BPM Project 2013

"Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind," allegedly said Douglas MacArthur, the American General who commanded the Southwest Pacific Theatre during World War II. Eric Michrowkski, former Director, Quality & Process Improvement (Enterprise Leader) at Western Canada's telecoms giant, certainly seems to have taken the maxim to heart during some of his recent work – breaking many of the traditional paradigms of operations management to achieve phenomenal business outcomes.

"Our focus has been on rethinking what are really the right operational metrics and drivers to drive the right outcomes," he says. The work caused the company to re-evaluate many of the traditional call centers metrics they were using and look at the wider outcome – end to end - from the customer perspective.

In this video interview, Michrowski discusses how and why they’ve broken the rules and what results they’ve achieved to date.


Questions discussed in this interview:

  • You've been breaking all sorts of operations management orthodoxy in your recent work - what have you been up to?
  • How did you convince your leadership teams to let you try this new approach out?
  • What approaches did you take?
  • What kind of results did breaking the rules achieve?