Understanding BPM: Why BPM Needs A Common Body of Knowledge

Confused by BPM terms? You're not alone. BPM is still a new and evolving discipline, says BPM expert Dan Morris, and the trouble is that the definitions and terms vary widely between companies, which can lead to difficulties communicating the concepts to the business and even between practitioners themselves.

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP), a non profit professional body for business process professionals, has set out to change all that confusion by creating what it calls the "BPM Common Body of Knowledge" to create a common understanding of key BPM terms and methodologies.
In this PEX Network video interview, Dan Morris, BPM expert and Member Board of Directors at ABPMP, explains the BPM Common body of knowedge - what it is and why ABPMP is currently in the process of updating it - and also comments on why business process professionals must have a breadth of understanding of different process improvement tools as well as business strategy and general management.