Outside-In Thinking: The Ticket to Achieving a Successful Customer Outcome

Genna Weiss

Looking for a way to radically increase your organization’s ability to deliver successful customer outcomes? Learn what most successful companies over the past decade use: Outside-In Thinking.

In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with renowned business process leader, Steve Towers, CEO and Founder of the BP Group, and featured speaker at IQPC’s upcoming 11th Annual Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement Summit in January. Towers reveals how Outside-In Thinking—a model that gets organizations to properly align their processes with the customer experience—can push your company to become a best-in-class performer.

Towers explains how Outside-In Thinking will allow your organization to better achieve successful customer experience outcomes by viewing and designing processes through the eyes of the customer. You will learn how this realignment to the customer experience can also allow your organization to achieve better operational excellence by abandoning non-valued added and complicated processes.

Towers instructs how organizations can begin to adopt Outside-In Thinking and pinpoint their areas that need to be changed in order to optimize performance both in the immediate and long term. In addition, Towers provides ways that leaders can energize everyone in their organization to contribute to overall customer experience and operational success, particularly in large or complex environments.