A rebel with a cause...to transform the call center!

Call centers are highly regulated environments. Staff are usually measured on everything from response through to average handle times. But sometimes focusing on these metrics can lead to undesirable results – as anyone who has been driven crazy by a company’s call center will attest. So what would happen if you broke all the rules of traditional call center management?

That was what Eric Michrowski proposed to do. Eric is the former Director, Quality & Process Improvement (Enterprise Leader) at a Western Canadian telecoms giant, and while there he was given the go-ahead to run a pilot in the company’s call center. There he focused on re-evaluating traditional call centers metrics and look at the wider outcome – end to end - from the perspective of the customer. He also adopted a completely different way of managing call center staff.

In this podcast, Eric joins the program to tell us how and why they’ve broken the rules and what results the company had achieved.

Read a transcript of this interview here: Developing a passion for process and breaking all the rules