The big trend that APAC needs for survival and growth

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Ian Hawkins

APAC ready for BPM

BPM - Business Process Management - is an established business practice in Europe and the USA, regarded by many as critical to any business or organization that aims to grow revenue and seize advantage over competitors. Tracking software-based solutions are a good indicator that across countries and industries, BPM is an essential part of businesses that want to compete, grow and - ultimately - survive the vicissitudes of a turbulent environment.

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Read the PEX Network Guide to BPM here. 


What's the story in APAC? 

BPM uptake is lagging behind the rest of the world. While there are some centres of innovation (such as Japan), there is a gap between APAC and the rest of the world. But things are changing, and enthusiasm for BPM is growing. As Reuters reported in June this year: 'Geographically, the global Business Process Management Software market is divided into some regions including Europe, Asia-Pacific, especially in Europe, Asia-Pacific. North America is expected to dominate the BPM Market for the forecasted year. Asia Pacific (APAC) may also witness improvement of efficiency and productivity in the following year.'


What are the opportunities?

BPM is such an established and credible route to improved efficiency and bottom-line results, and with such clear and quantifiable RoI, that businesses are considering it a 'no-brainer' part of their operational spend. Given that the BPM market is saturated in Europe/US, businesses that find their competitors are not widely adopting the methodology have a clear opportunity to steal an advantage by quickly putting such measures in place.  


How can you learn more?

Depending on where you are on your BPM journey, our free series of webinars will demystify BPM - or take your organization to the next level. It's a forum for you to hear from industry experts on the latest developments, gain insights and practicval advice - and put your questions directly to the speakers. 

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