OPEX Live 2018: Day Two

Ian Hawkins

Vicente Perez

On the introduction...

Business Process Management is about more than increasing profits - for some, it's a matter of survival. We talked to Cyrus and Pervin Todiwala at Cafe Spice. Cyrus is one of the BBC's Incredible Spice Men  and he told us about how getting the process right is making the difference in the volatile hospitality sector, and how they can help a business get through the unknowable hazards that life can throw at you.

The introduction is available as a standalone here. 



Exclusive insider perspective on Business Process Management

As Nespresso ECM Content Manager Vicente Perez has risen to the challenges of change management in a multicultural dynamic environment. One of those challenges was reaching across all levels of the company from CEO to factory operator to accept the necessity of changing behaviour - a real communication challenge.

Vicente gave us the background of how Nespresso is organised into three main parts: Context, On-premise, The Cloud. The Nestlé Nespresso company is an autonomous globally managed business of the Nestlé Group. With corporate headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso is present in over 60 countries and counts over 12,000 employees worldwide.

Within this, there are B2B and B2C models, incorporating e-commerce, boutiques and call centres. As well as their employees, the company employs up to an additional 10,000 external workers who may need to be quickly on-boarded for a campaign and off-boarded again afterwards.

Finally, there's only one George Clooney.

After talking through the benefits of workflow, Vicente looked at how BPM helped in opening Nespresso boutiques, streamlining the process that takes place to validate the business case. Decisions that once took 60 business days were reduced to 12. 

The extra capacity for ideas to be heard resulted in the opportunity to listen to employees’ suggestions for change from all levels of the company, including a low-tech solution to increasing storage capacity: a great example of how change in one area can open up the possibility of change elsewhere.  

The session ended with a demo from technology evangelist Patrick Hosch

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