Member of the month: Interview with blogger Theo Priestley

Theo Priestley

He's been called a prolific blogger, industry maverick, and technology evangelist (among perhaps many other names depending on whether you agree with his rather opinionated blog posts). But there's one thing August's Member of the Month isn't: afraid to voice his opinion.

Theo Priestley is Vice President and Chief Evangelist at Software AG and author of the popular IT Redux blog, which promises a "Zero BS" zone. Controversial posts include "Continuous improvement is a false dream, wake up", "Why Six Sigma fails in the Real World" and one with such a sensational headline we can't repeat it here (but it's about why "BPM must die".

In this interview, find out why he'd marry BPM (but only snog Lean), how he would have liked to be a Greek Philosopher, and the best piece of advice he's ever received.

PEX Network: What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Tenacious, Creative, Passionate.

PEX Network: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

I'd love to sit down and write a novel, I have so many ideas for fiction-based stories I could make a career from it if I ever had the time. That or be paid to test drive Lamborghinis on a track all day until the engine blows.

PEX Network: If you could be a historical figure - who would you be and why?

Do they have to be real people?

Kind of torn between being a Greek philosopher like Plato or Socrates and an artist like Vincent van Gogh or Da Vinci. The world was a different place: less hectic, people did more thinking and took in what they saw with a lot more innocence and wonder still in their eyes. Everything back then was about discovery, less about money. One of those guys would do the trick. Not sure about the flip-flops and toga ensemble though, I'd have to bring a t-shirt if I were to 'quantum leap' into a body.

If we're allowed fictitious people then probably Bruce Wayne or the guy that created him, Bob Kane. For obvious reasons.

Blackberry or iPhone?

iPhone. My skin burns when I touch a Blackberry.

PEX Network: Lean, Six Sigma or BPM - which one would you take on a date?

Is this like Snog, Marry, or Kill ?

Predictably I'd take BPM on a date. She's more complicated to get to know, doesn't take herself too seriously, and has many talents to explore and chat about. The others are one-dimensional and too uptight, bit like a dating supermodel. I prefer a bit of fun.

I'd marry BPM, snog Lean and kill Six Sigma.

PEX Network: What's your favorite saying?

I have too many, mostly from film and music, but favorites are:

"Why so serious ?" - The Joker

"Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny." - My Chemical Romance

"Stay hungry, stay foolish." - Steve Jobs

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Einstein

"No-one with 3 minutes left wastes it on a dance." - In Time, Cillian Murphy

PEX Network: What food do you hate most?

My mum is Sicilian so I've tasted a lot of foods and haven't found anything I didn't like or refuse to eat really. Maybe liver. Ok, liver.

PEX Network: Why don't you like the term Business Process Management?

I can't answer that, I'm taking her on a date remember!

PEX Network: What's something about you that even your friends don't know?

And you think I'm going to tell the world now?!?

I have runic symbols tattooed down my spine. Many don't know that. They don't mean anything, I just liked the pattern.

PEX Network: Best piece of advice you've ever gotten?

I've got an email from Seth Godin telling me to 'keep making a ruckus'. That's pretty much stuck with me.