BPM Open House to address key challenges of BPM solution buyers

Bertan Halil

Bertan Halil, head of online at PEX Network, discusses key challenges facing the BPM market and why the network has decided to run BPM Open House.

What do you think are some of the key challenges this year facing vendors in the BPM market?

The BPM industry is continuing to grow and as consumer spend continues to climb, so does the number of BPM solution providers who are all after a piece of the prize. A recent Gartner article suggested $2.8billion will be spent on BPM worldwide this year. That’s a staggering 9.5% increase over 2012. So the challenge is a big one for many BPM vendors: How do I differentiate my offering? How do I communicate that differentiation? How do I compete with the many established brands? And how do I ensure client retention?

What is BPM Open House?

BPM Open House is an exciting new initiative from the PEX Network. It will be a one week showcase from up to 10 of the world’s leading BPM solution providers, specifically requested by our members. We will give our BPM partners a chance to demonstrate their product capabilities and present a case study in real time to hundreds of companies who are currently looking to invest in a BPM solution. Over a period of 5 days we will showcase 2 providers a day to a live audience, allowing for a Q&A session post each product & case study demonstration. Our membership base will have the chance to compare solutions and ask questions in their quest to find a suitable BPM solution.

Why did PEX network decide to run BPM Open House?

In a survey we ran earlier this year, over 250 organisations told us they were looking to purchase a BPM solution in the next 12-18 months. But selecting a BPM provider is no easy task and often end users lean towards solutions that illustrate strong thought leadership, technical expertise and ultimately proven success. BPM Open House will give our BPM partners the opportunity to engage with real, active buyers and allow them to demonstrate their solution capabilities as well as walk them through a real case study.

What's the reason for doing it online?

As a product owner, I would want to place my product on a stage which gives me access to active buyers and as many of them as possible. For instance, if you manufactured a own trainer, what shop window would you want to put it in? Footlocker right? And if you had the option to place it in a Footlocker store or on Footlocker.com where you could tap into hundreds of thousands of daily visitors you’d go online right? Consumers who want trainers would go to Footlocker. Currently many of those that are seeking BPM solutions are coming to the PEX Network.

The PEX Network over the past three years has established itself as the ‘go-to’ resource for best practice, knowledge sharing and has now become a central hub to uncover credible and experienced BPM solution providers. The web has become the first port of call for BPM consumers as it gives them the opportunity to explore various solutions, tap into their experience and realise their credibility by looking at various BPM case studies such as the ones currently available on the PEX Network.

BPM Open House will place our BPM partners in front of active buyers quickly and efficiently. The world of online keeps the market in check by allowing consumers to compare the leading solutions. BPM Open House will allow for direct comparison by showcasing the leading BPM solutions. Many of the providers we showcase will be suggestions from our membership base who have already started assessing their options.

How can solution vendors decide whether participating is right for them?

That’s an easy question! If the answer is Yes to the following, I suggest they get in touch so they can be considered for inclusion:

  • Do they have a strong BPM solution?
  • Do they have a great case study to showcase?
  • Would they like to educate a large, yet relevant audience on their offering?
  • Would they like to engage with active buyers who have already told us they are looking for BPM solution?
  • Would they like to know who these active buyers are?

If the answer is yes to the above, they can drop me a line at bertan.halil@pexnetwork.com to request an invitation to participate.