PEX Week LIVE: Solutions For Process Professionals

Diana Davis

PEX week Europe slide

It’s been all hand on deck here in London as PEX Week Europe opened today with a series of workshops and the official opening of what we call the "Solutions Hall" (after all, we like to focus on the positive here at PEX.)

Headline exhibitors this year include business technology service providers GenPact , BPM software provider Software AG, and OpenText,experts in Enterprise Content Management. And of course, our "Solutions Hall" had a wide selection of exhibitors including software providers, training experts and consulting service providers.

The final round of judging for our European Process Excellence awards was also taking place today. That’s where I spent most of my time talking to the judges and some of the finalists to prepare a video package that we’ll show during the awards announcement tomorrow night. One dedicated finalist even took time off from his honeymoon to fly from Turkey to London for the day to attend the judging interviews. What dedication to process excellence (although we didn't discuss what his new wife thought of the matter).

The main conference opens tomorrow with a State of the Industry Address from Connie Moore, VP Research at Forrester Research. Tomorrow night we’ll also be announcing the winners of this year’s awards European awards. A full list of finalists for this year’s European awards can be seen here.

In the meantime, remember to follow our live event updates and even submit your comments online at PEX Week LIVE. We’ll have exclusive online Q&A sessions with selected industry experts and bring you all the latest on what’s happening. Twitter users can contribute comments and thoughts by tweeting on #pexweek or sending an e-mail to

Here's what some of Monday's online attendees had to say about some of the challenges of process improvement:

"The key thing about ensuring process improvement is part of the KPI is to ensure that you focus on not just measuring process improvement activity but capturing and quantifying the alignment and impact of process improvement activity on the business KPIs" Paul Docherty, i-nexus during Q&A.
"To be honest, one of the easiest ways is to invest in them [employees]. If you give people training and show you care then it gives them every incentive to stick around. Sure you might get the odd person that jumps ship, but I think most will be loyal. " Paul Walsh - virtual delegate
"Process improvement in itself is a task or activity. So I guess your question might be, who should be responsible for it?I would say that in one level the idea is that everyone should be involved and responsible for processes in their area. That is the goal of a truly embedded process improvement program." Mark McGregor, OpenText during Q&A.

Tuesday’s online coverage starts at 0900 am BST (0400 am Eastern Time). Special online sessions include a discussion on Big Data – What are the implications for process professionals? That takes place at 1300 BST (that’s 0800 if you’re in New York). Connie Moore from Forrester and Andy Jones from Software AG will be on hand to answer your questions. Then at 15:10 BST (10:10 am New York time) join the IQPC/Forrester tweet jam on sustainable innovation – tweet #pexweek to participate.