Provider Profiles: Bizagi

Craig Sharp

Bizagi-logoHow can business people have time to innovate without getting bogged down with mundane tasks? That was the question Bizagi founders were asking themselves when the company was born in 1989. Conceived in Colombia and now a highly successful $57M global business, Bizagi boasts the largest usercommunity in the enterprise software space with350+ enterprise customers including GE, BAE, Old Mutual and adidas.

Disrupting the market

Bizagi’s secret: its freemium model. By enabling customers to model and digitize complete processes without financial commitment, enterprise organizations are able to improve their operational efficiency, time to market, compliance and customer service among others. Why did Bizagi decide to offer free software as early as 2008? Our philosophy was, and continues to be, simple – Bizagi create great products; we are confident that they work, and are as intuitive as any social media app.

The gamble paid off

Today, the Bizagi Community is a loyal base of over 3M subscribers, people who use the software to model their processes graphically without coding and then automate/digitize them by creating end user applications and connecting them with external systems, all for free. Utilizing its Spark Project Methodology, Bizagi is able to deliver a fully digital process in 7 weeks, delivering tangible ROI that engages stakeholders and ensures long-term momentum for the BPM initiative. We also provide a wealth of quality self-service eLearning resources to significantly shorten your learning curve. Only when people are ready to run these processes across the enterprise, do they contact Bizagi.

Many of Bizagi’s customers started using its free software and only got in touch when ready to roll out 100s of processes across the enterprise, namely Audi or Mars.


Bizagi is listed in Red Herring’s Top 100 most innovative companies worldwide, and last year, was named ‘Most Promising Technology Company’by the PwC Accelerator. Bizagi software has also been ranked Top Performing BPM Suite by Fraunhofer Institute, Europe’s largest research institute recognised two years in the row among ‘Top Global Innovators

About Bizagi BPM products

The Bizagi platform has been designed from the ground up for reuse, integration and business/IT collaboration. A layered architecture keeps business people engaged through the whole BPM lifecycle which removes the organizational silos and ensures that the outcome meets the business objectives. The BPM portfolio includes Bizagi Modeler: a BPMN-based process modeling tool to encourage business/IT collaboration via clutter free, drag-and-drop process flowchart design, Bizagi Studio: a free process digitalization platform to unlock the power of process flowcharts via code-free integration, form design, user interface and reuse and Bizagi Engine to execute previously automated processes. The company also enables its customers to integrate with existing IT assets such as SAP and SharePoint and ‘supercharge’ processes through its free store of ready-made processes and widgets available via its Process Xchange and Widget Xchange.

Headquartered in the UK, and with offices in Europe, USA and Latin America, Bizagi is supported by a strong implementation partner network worldwide. For more information, visit