How Standard Chartered has facilitated collaboration during the pandemic through a focus on human experiences

Discover the key to ensuring teams can collaborate effectively in a Covid-19 world

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PEX Network caught up with Steve Davidson, head of digital workplace transformation APAC at Standard Chartered, ahead of his session at Remote Working APAC 2020 to explore the topics his session will cover. This will include the importance of human experiences in facilitating collaboration in the future workplace and the concept of ‘hybrid working’.

PEX Network: What do you think is the biggest challenge for organizations when it comes to integrating remote working and what do you think they can do to meet this challenge?

SD: We know that work, now and in the future, is facing significant change, as are the expectations of clients and employees.

Hybrid working is emerging and it is here to stay, so organizations must be prepared. Organizations need to think holistically about all parts of the employee experience – the culture, working environment, digital capabilities and more. That requires a truly unified strategy across technology, property and human resources.

PEX Network: What can the audience expect from your presentation entitled "Creating a human experience (HX) to ensure staff collaborate without constraint"?

Steve Davidson: I will talk about how the pandemic situation has validated and accelerated our long-term digital workplace transformation to enable collaboration, productivity, mobility and organizational agility. I will share examples of how we have supported our global workforce of 84,000 colleagues in navigating the future workplace.

PEX Network: What will be the three key takeaways that delegates will gain from your session? 

SD: Firstly, the importance of balancing the needs of today, with prioritizing long-term transformation. Secondly, the need to consider and evolve all aspects of the hybrid working experience, including technology, people and property. Thirdly, managing expectations in a fast-changing situation is critical.

PEX Network: Why do you think it is important for professionals to attend Remote Working and Collaboration Tools APAC 2020? 

SD: A fundamental shift in the way we work is in flight. Hybrid working is here to stay and there is power in sharing knowledge, challenges and insights across industries. This event will be a fantastic opportunity for professionals to learn and enter the conversation on the future workplace, from planning for now and for the years to come.

To access the full range of Davidson's insights and advice, watch his session live at Remote Working APAC 2020