Coaching customers: how to hear what they're telling you

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How do customer needs evolve around banking needs? And how do you put promises made to the customer at the heart of processes?

Iassen Deenitchin is head of ING's Global Process Management Team, and in this week's podcast, he tells Seth Adler about the connection with the customer, developing the products and making sure the work that goes into understanding the customer comes out as improvements. Customers, says Iassen, are thinking differently from how they thought in the past - with one solution including a 'customer coach': a single point of contact for mortgage customers, giving greater transparency and a sense of control. Above all, he says, you need a metric for success that is meaningful to the customer.  



'We want to achieve a couple of things at the same time. We want to improve our financial performance and we want to improve customer experience... we see customer needs changing and if we don't do well now, we'll soon jeopardise success in the future.'