[Case Study] Law Firm Makes Case for Process Automation

McKinley Irvin is one of the largest divorce and family law firms in the Northwest US. As the organization continued to grow, they sought a solution to replace slow paper-intensive processes. In addition, an email approvals process made tracking proposals very difficult, resulting in employees being diverted from focusing on their clients. Read our latest case study to learn how the no-code FlowForma BPM helped this organization transform manual and time-consuming processes into an efficient and transparent workflow, without any coding required.

From this case study you will learn: 

How McKinley Irvin is automating large amounts of document generation 

How you can save several hours around your hiring process with automated onboarding and around one and a half hours per request in a payment approval process

How FlowForma BPM’s no-code interface, intuitiveness and rich features make it very adaptable and easy to use for everyone in the organization