Leveraging Communication in the Workplace

Blake Landau

Communication is a core competency that every individual must have. However, in the diverse workplace, communication must be effective and efficient in order to ensure positive performance and productivity.

Understanding and respecting cultural norms and personalities in the workplace really brings so much more to what can be achieved rather than what cannot be achieved.


By effectively communicating with colleagues, leaders, clients, etc., you can create a high performing workforce which leverages leadership opportunities and creates a high performance culture.

This podcast by Paula Klee Parish, President and CEO of Performance Solutions, Inc., first published on Customer Management IQ, discusses how to address certain situations and how to communicate based on the scenario on hand. She also provides actionable tools to improve communication and how it can open the doors to a whole new set of relationships within the workplace.

Editor’s note: Though this podcast discusses contact center employees, it does translate to all employees and managers within any organization.