How Heembouw Applies Lean Principles to Project Planning

Genna Weiss

As a construction firm that works on unique projects, Heembouw has been able to meet its supply chain challenges through the adoption of Lean principles to its project planning. This has meant making sure that the project team works closely with key clients and suppliers from the project’s inception. Through its Lean project planning efforts, Heembouw has been able to build 10 to 40 percent faster with higher quality.

In this Profit through Process podcast, Genna Weiss of Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ speaks with Rudy Gort, lean construction manager for Heembouw.

Gort discusses:

  • How Heembouw has applied Lean principles to its project planning
  • The company’s overall business and financial results from taking this Lean approach
  • How you can get started in deploying Lean to project planning and what you should avoid along the way