Avoiding the Traps of Organizational Politics: How You Can Ensure the Successful Delivery of Your Business Process Excellence Program

Genna Weiss

Many business professionals view organizational politics as a negative in an organization. This Profit Through Profit podcast describes how to turn around organizational politics’ negative connotation. Genna Weiss of Six Sigma IQ speaks with David Bancroft-Turner, Managing Director of the Academy for political intelligence and speaker at IQPC’s 5th Annual Business Process Excellence in Financial Services Exchange, who discusses steps that Business Process Excellence leaders can take to become more aware of their company’s organizational politics and how to not become a victim to it when deploying a Business Process Excellence program.

Bancroft-Turner defines organizational politics and provides resources that allow you to define how political your organization is. He explains how to identify key organizational behaviors and manage them. Bancroft-Turner addresses how organizational politics can pose several challenges to a company’s change efforts when pushing through a Business Process Excellence program and gives pointers on how to avoid these roadblocks. In addition, he advises how to effectively influence the key stakeholders of a change program, even if you are not an authority figure within your organization. He also provides the number one piece of advice for Business Process Excellence leaders struggling under the weight of organizational politics.

In addition, Bancroft-Turner gives a sneak peak of what he will be presenting at IQPC’s 5th Annual Business Process Excellence in Financial Services Exchange, which will be held from September 22 to September 24.