How to protect your data with Office 365

Realize the full potential of Office 365 and ensure that the data you are collecting via your digitized forms stays in your tenancy

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Shay O'Connor

In this interconnected age, securing your personal data is a constant challenge. On a daily basis, you have to disclose aspects of your personal identity - and this dissemination of personal data has become even more prevalent under the meteoric rise of social media – which has now become intrinsic to daily life. Every time you post a photo, follow a page – and everything in between – you are essentially offering your data to the highest bidding organization.

However, it isn’t just your personal data that is exposed on a daily basis.  Businesses also find that their data is exposed, particularly in consideration of cloud computing and GDPR – where there is a deep interest in how organization data is stored. 

Where has my data gone? How to protect your business data

Leverage your Office 365 investment

Whether your data is being collected and/or edited on a cloud form, online data has come under sharp focus, especially if it in any way compromises an individual’s personal information. Organizations already have a lot to contend with when trying to capture information accurately and use it correctly – without the headache of determining where that data resides.

The solutions: Utilize your Office 365 investment

Picture this scenario: You fill out an online form while sitting in a park, and that data is sent through six different locations before finally finding a home in a data center somewhere in Azerbaijan - just because it is cheaper. 

Often the scenario unfolds that businesses and organizations think to themselves:

  1. Companies don’t want to store data locally as its cost-prohibitive and it requires a significant level of manpower and expertise to manage the system and protect it.
  2. Businesses should take advantage of the fact that they have already invested in Office 365 and should use it to its full potential for increased ROI.

Office 365 is an investment in cloud infrastructure. This is the very reason why the FlowForma Process Automation tool decided to use SharePoint as its default data repository.

What does this mean? You don’t need to use SharePoint at all times – it simply needs to be in the background.

Secure Storage

FlowForma Process Automations stores all collected data in its digitized forms in the organizations own tenancy. Whether that tenancy is in Europe, the U.S. or Australia, the data will reside in the data centres of that county’s jurisdiction.

How does this benefit you?

This automatically means that the data will adhere to the data retention rules of that location and your backups – and anything else – can be carried out again in that location. What data you hold onto and how you use that data is another matter, on which is the organization's responsibility but where it is stored is guaranteed by Microsoft and all the legal scrutiny that it adheres to.

Let someone else take on the stress!

If you already have Office 356, you should use it for its full potential and ensure that the data you are collecting via your digitized forms stays in your tenancy.

Utilize the secure SharePoint platform to help you automate your business processes, meanwhile, the FlowForma Process Automation tool can provide your business with transparency and visibility.