5 great podcasts on... inspiration

Ian Hawkins

Want to end the week on a high? These five inspirational interviewees from the podcast will help you feel energized, enthused and inspired about what will be coming up tomorrow.

Mathieu Rebeiro, RBC Insurance

Insurance can’t be inspirational…can it? Well, the way Mathieu talks, you can see why he’s an evangelist for a whole industry.


David Loyd, NASA

No feat of human engineering is more inspiring than space exploration. David Lloyd joins us as the guy that keeps NASA safe on the ground: you learn a lot about behaviors from the most mundane to the most complex and hazardous activities in the worst of conditions from the best prepared people. 

Kala Patel

Kala grew up in Malawi and left for the UK– a remarkable personal story. ‘I wanted to understand what the customer needed…I loved the interactions, I was always doing consulting or training… I started focusing on best practice and driving efficiencies.’


Ted Graham, GM

When will driverless cars be here? Sooner than you think! Ted from GM talks about why understanding the consumer’s perception of self-driving cars is as important as technology. 


Yuval Dvir, Google

‘Be present in today, and paranoid about tomorrow.’ We hear about the best attitude towards the future we should take – by someone who’s part of building it.