Four Ways to Achieve & Maintain PEX Buy-In with Key Stakeholders

Stakeholder buy-in continues to be the fundamental supporting pillar to a successful process excellence project. Depending on who you ask, between 60% and 70% of all process excellence projects are doomed to failure. The reasons for this are varied of course, but none is more critical to the future of your project than having stakeholder buy-in, that means executives and members of staff alike.

The importance of buy-in cannot be underestimated, and the reasons for its importance should be self-evident. To put it simply – failure to achieve buy in on any level will lead to a failure of any changes or processes you may have implemented. In order to encourage permanent change and create new working habits, stakeholders must be personally invested in what it is they are being asked to do.

This eBook details four techniques you can use to achieve buy-in from stakeholders to ensure that happens.