Five Essential Steps to Change Management Success in Oil & Gas

In 1996, John P. Kotter, one of the leading-lights in the field of leadership and transformation, asserted that less than one third of change management projects achieve their stated goals. This statistic has barely changed in the intervening 18 years.
In the business world, oil and gas companies are especially in need of accelerated change management for a number of reasons, including:
The Great Crew Change – By 2018, 50 per cent of all geophysicists and engineers will be retiring from the Western oil and gas industry. In our sister publication Oil & Gas' landmark study, The Great Crew Change: An Extinction Level Event In The Making?, they covered the phenomenal brain-drain that would result in this loss of talent – and a key driver for efficient and necessary change management.

Technological advancement –Ten years ago, the "digital oilfield" was in its infancy. In 2014, work orders can be logged, production levels monitored and downhole temperatures measured in real-time – all relayed from mobile devices in the field to control centres via wireless internet connections and VSAT technology. If technology refuses to stand still, why should companies remain static?

Evolving business drivers – It is widely-recognized that "The Age of Easy Oil" is over, and companies are entering more inhospitable environments – both politically and geologically-speaking - than ever before in the quest for the Black Gold. Oil and gas organizations that used to make pinpricks in the earth and exploit the gushers that followed, are going to have to deal with tougher times ahead.
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