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Grand Designs: How to Win the Customer-Centric Race?

Posted: 02/25/2015

Almost every business and organization will claim that it puts customers first and that improving customer service is one of its key objectives. However, despite this, many businesses still continue to build very internally-focused processes that fail to properly consider the experience customers have when they interact with the business.

The degree to which a business really does put its customers first can be seen by looking at its business processes. The best organizations will take an "outside-in" approach; that is, they look at how their customers want to interact with them and then build business processes around these customer interactions. For many businesses, the Internet has completely changed the way customers interact with them, and keeping abreast of changing technology and shopping trends is vital to ensure top-class customer service.

So in today’s world, a good process is no longer enough; it’s the customer experience that the process delivers that really counts.

This white paper looks at how to design processes that deliver a good customer experience using techniques such as customer journey modeling, touchpoint analysis and Moments of Truth (MofTs).

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Posted: 02/25/2015