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APAC Webinar

London, UK – PEX Network, the London-based global community for process and business professionals, is hosting the free, online event APAC Live 2018 between November 27-28. 

'The big and surprising finding we have made is that there's a real lack of uptake for Business Process Management (BPM) in the APAC region,' says Ian Hawkins, Editor of PEX Network. 'the Japanese car industry is the birthplace of such business concepts as Lean and Six Sigma, so to discover that the uptake of BPM products is behind the rest of the world is really unexpected.'

Ed Wells, Head of Online, says: 'The reality is that the world is changing with technology, and companies that don't stay ahead of technology are likely to fall behind. I actually think that it's a huge opportuinity for organizations in the region to quickly adopt BPM software - which is a very solid, reliable and well-tested means of improving a company's efficiency and bottom line - and steal a march on local competitors.'    

'APAC Live is really unmisasable for anyone in the region who wants to understand more about process excellence,' says Ian, 'and with such a large and diverse region, creating these free-to-atend webinars really is the best way to get the message out there. We'll be bringing research, information and world experts in their field, giving them a chance to say what they think and giving the audience an oportunity to ask questions.' 

Ed says: 'We believe that APAC Live 2018 will give attendees really valauble business intelligence that can be put to work straight away. We have always been about giving our community the best visibility possible in a world that can sometimes seem chaotic and unpredictable. We work with the most highly regarded thought leaders in the world to guide people towards a better future.'

The free webinars can be accessed from any computer, and will tackle the issues affecting process excellence in the APAC region. 

To attend, register here.

About PEX Network:

PEX Network is a global community for process professionals, business leaders and executives who want to improve their businesses through process and operational excellence. 

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