Experts point to the future in OPEX Live 2018

Webinar attendee

London, UK – PEX Network, the London-based global community for process and business professionals, is hosting the online event OPEX Live 2018 between December 3-5.

'Each January, the big global event in Process Excellence takes place in Orlando,' says Ian Hawkins, Editor of PEX Network. 'Not everyone can make it to that event, so we created this free online sister event in December that will set the agenda, like a sort of warm-up for the main event.'

The free webinars can be accessed from any computer, and will tackle the major themes of the larger conference: Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Culture and Leadership. 

'Our reach is truly global,' says Ian, 'calling on industry leaders from around the world to answer the big questions about the future of business in every industry. Our webinar series BPM Live and RPA Live are the biggest of their kind in the world, based on a simple formula of giving people the information they need from  the most credible people in their field, and giving live attendees the chance to ask their own questions from the floor.' 

Ed Wells, Head of Online, says: 'There's a lot of concern about AI and automation taking away jobs. In fact, our expert speakers agree that technology is a job creator - though the new jobs are unlike the old ones. Anyone who is interested in their own future, or the future of their business should sign up and find out more.'    

Ian adds: 'OPEX Live will provoke and inspire attendees to build the future they want for themselves and their organization from what can sometimes look like a chaotic business landscape.'

To attend, register here.

About PEX Network:

PEX Network is a global community for process professionals, business leaders and executives who want to improve their businesses through process and operational excellence.

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