Agile Decisions and Agile Actions: Keeping Up with Change from Strategy to Execution

Posted: 04/09/2015
What your company wants to do is "Strategy". What your company knows how to do is "Competency". What your company does is "Process". All of these things are connected, and the rapidity in which they react to each other is straight-up "Agility".
Executing the business strategy properly requires the ability to put in place the right competencies and the right processes, and that in itself is a challenge. But in the face of certain change, this work is a constant and dynamic process.
This white paper outlines three capabilities that will make it easier to keep up with change:
  • Understanding the real connections between strategy, competency and process
  • Synchronizing what you think you know with reality
  • Removing technology barriers to the process of effecting change
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Posted: 04/09/2015