Navigating Business Change to Ensure Improvement Remains Continuous through Effective Process Design and Corporate Alignment

Posted: 11/14/2011

Explore how Covance is driving continuous improvement to the next level and aligning improvement activity to definable leadership priorities and commercial strategy. But the reality is that a change in leadership, structure or any plethora of outside influences can make you feel as though all has been set back. Explore how to continually reenergize your process improvement through the minefield of business change.

  • Getting your foot in the door: putting process excellence and improvement front of mind for management in all strategy
  • Achieving organizational alignment between leadership targets and improvement goals for maximum project impact
  • Defining your deployment strategy to ensure your entire business evolves through the maturity ladder
  • Persistence, resilience and success: overcoming the reality of change, setbacks and failures to ensure process design and improvement continue to drive forward