Are You a Process Geek? Make Sure You Don’t Speak Like One!

Hosted By: Diana Davis
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About this Podcast...

Does your CEO look at you like you’re speaking an ancient form of Klingon when you explain all this process stuff to him? Are you more comfortable talking about run charts, histograms – or for our more technically minded – real-time event processing? If this is you, the guest in this Process Perspectives podcast has one piece of advice for you: STOP!

You’re sabotaging your own efforts at process improvement says John Macdonald, Global Manager Business Processes at logistics company TNT Express. In this interview, Maddonald explains why process talk is so damaging and how you can better win friends and influence people in the quest for the hearts and minds of your business.

Read the transcript: Say what? The Trouble with Communicating About Process

Watch the original video interview: Tips for Better Communication: Why You Shouldn't Speak "Process"


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March 25 - 27, 2018
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April 8 - 10, 2018
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April 10 - 12, 2018